• Fantail Deck

    An outdoor deck set above a boardwalk, warmed by a gas fire pit and adorned with Adirondack-style lounge furniture set on stone tiles and surrounded by mahogany railing.

  • The Vine Rooms

    • The Vine Room

    The Vine Rooms (East & West), created for private dining parties, include rich black ceilings, velvet textured walls, frosted glass doors with Victorian stained glass windows and a view of an 8,000-bottle wine cellar illuminated from below the transparent floor it sits upon.

  • Dining Room

    • The Dining Room

    The Main Dining Room reveals the spectacular water view through full-length windows accented by coral light fixtures and a handmade glass sculpture with soft colors and earth tones. Brick walls with white marble trim line the entrance with a ceiling constructed of naturally aged wood slats from an antique barn.

  • Dockside Dining

    The Boardwalk, The Cabana Bar and Prime's Floating Dock - all part of the premier destination restaurant for boaters with over 300-feet of dock space and tended by a full-time dock master.

  • The Porch

    Designed to be open most seasons, The Porch seats diners in two areas covered by a canvas awning atop a clear mahogany pergola with a gorgeous view of Huntington Harbor.

  • Lodge

    • The Lodge

    The Lodge emanates a feeling of comfort while at the same time rousing interaction. It features flat screen televisions above a Pennsylvania stack stone gas fireplace, an 18-foot sushi bar made from an antique grain cabinet, a communal table with hand-blown African light fixtures and 18th century Japanese artwork decorating the walls.

  • Sushi Bar

    • Sushi Bar

    The 18-foot sushi bar made from an antique grain cabinet is located in The Lodge.

    "The best appetizer was the sashimi plate..."
    NY Times Review

    "Sushi is fresh, rolled to perfection..."
    Long Islander News

  • Wave Bar

    • Wave Bar

    A 32-foot indoor Wave Bar echoes the water view with finished cement surface and sides of tin shingle that shimmer underneath. The ceiling appears as a high-tech star-lit night offset by a giant periscope, hanging above the bar, displaying an extended view of the harbor.

  • Kitchen

    • Wave Bar

    Facing the Wave Bar is a view of the open kitchen. It is defined by clean stainless steel, framed by maroon tiled walls and offset by white marble structures containing the pastry and bread stations.

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